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Timer Scale

Timer Scale

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Embrace The Science Of Making Great Coffee

Bring your coffee craftsmanship to the most precise level with accurate measurement. Scales help eliminate a variable in your coffee making ritual, ensuring consistent results every time and making troubleshooting espresso issues much easier.

Whether you're a budding beginner or a seasoned barista, the convenience of having these high precision scales & timer will help transform your coffee-making journey into an exact science. Simply place your portafilter onto your scales, tare/zero them, then reweigh after grinding to ensure you have the correct amount of coffee.

3kg/0.1g 5kg/0.1g Drip Coffee Scale With Timer with Removable Rubber Mat

How Much Coffee Should I Use For Making Espresso?

It depends which size basket you have (and what your specific machine suggests), but generally single shots require around 7-9g of ground coffee, whereas doubles require around 14-18g.