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Collection: Faema

“To be recognised as a world leader in the production of professional machines for espresso coffee beverages, representing their history and designing their future with our brands.
Anticipating customers’ needs with innovative, superior-quality products and outstanding service.
To enhance and develop human resources, in a context increasingly geared towards teamwork, integration and synergies.”

Our world: coffee
Coffee is a serious matter. Because it is both a science and an art. Coffee is also a complex affair; it must be studied and understood and, when treated with the care it deserves, it bestows a simple pleasure to be savoured from a cup.
Turning an art into a profession demands commitment and dedication, and it is through teamwork, the combination of a range of skills and a healthy dose of passion that the Cimbali Group has helped write the story of coffee, and continues to do so.
Today, its professional machines anticipate market needs and the innovative functionality and design of its products provide baristas with the perfect instrument for expressing their talent.

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