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The Simonelli Group, is an industry leader in the production of high quality commercial espresso machines and related equipment. Victoria Arduino & Nuova Simonelli have been manufacturing espresso machines in Italy since 1905 & 1936 respectively. Throughout the history of our company we have been focused on innovation, reliability and dependability. A focus that has garnered us a world wide recognition for being the first ergonomic espresso machine, the Official World Barista Championship machine and, Compasso d'Oro for design innovation. In addition to commercial espresso machines, Nuova Simonelli offers Panini grills, grinders, home and office espresso machines, bar dishwashers, and more.

Our Mission: To create and deliver our services in a superior manner so that we may satisfy our customers

Our Values

• Coffee and Culinary Excellence

• Respect for Our Customers, Co Workers, and Shareholders

• Accuracy of Our Equipment

• Optimism and Adventure

• Original Thinking

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