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Puretec CO-T100 Triple Action 5 Micron Water Filter

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Get Better Tasting Water With The Puretec CO-T100 Water Filter

Puretec Food Service Triple Action Cartridge, 5 Micron

The CO-T100 combines high density carbon block and Anti-Scale Protection Technology (ASP) to give you the advantage of effortless water treatment.

Carbon Block Technology has been proven to reduce chlorine, chloramine, lead, benzine - and most importantly for food service, it is very effective at reducing taste and odour. The Puretec high density carbon block has a larger ratio of activated carbon surface area to water and allows for better contaminant removal and longer filter life.

The ASP Technology reacts with soluble metals (iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, etc.) by binding the metals to maintain their solubility in water. This process minimises the risk of discoloration, staining, scaling, chlorine demand and foul taste/odour. This technology also forms a durable polarising film on the surfaces of metals by an electrodeposition mechanism and acts as a corrosion inhibitor at very low hardness.

Water Filter Applications: Coffee, Tea, Beverage / Post Mix and Ice

Better than BRITA C50 and Everpure 2CB5-S 

Capacity (chlorine reduction): 38,000 litres

Flow Rate : 6.4 litres per minute @ 60psi

Replacement: every 6 months