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THIRTY Coffee Knock Box

THIRTY Coffee Knock Box

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Home Coffee Machine Accessories - Knock/Dump Box

Make emptying spent coffee pucks a breeze with our durable and minimalistic coffee knock box. The food grade ABS plastic material makes our knock box firm and durable, and the large capacity, deep bowl and removable knock bar make clearing out your portafilter basket easy and quick.

Coffee knock boxes are also a great item to hold your collected coffee grinds, so that you can reuse/recycle them. They're a particularly fantastic natural fertilizer for the garden!


  • Good capacity for a home coffee machine set up
  • Knock bar is made of ITL engineering rubber, which has great cushioning performance and protects the handle of the coffee machine.
  • Non-slip bottom design


Material: ABS plastic
Size: 11.3 x 11.3 x 10.6 cm

Package includes

1 x Coffee Knock Box