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AeroPress Portable Travel Coffee Mug
AeroPress Portable Travel Coffee Mug

AeroPress Go Portable Coffee Press

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Get Great Tasting Coffee, Wherever You Are With This Travel Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Go is the new portable version of the world famous AeroPress coffee maker that has millions of enthusiastic users worldwide. It travels inside its own 15 oz (444ml) mug. A perfect addition to your summer camping trips, hikes, or even while traveling or working, this is a must have. It's also a fantastic gift idea for coffee lovers!

- Smoother, richer flavour without bitterness

- 1/9th the acidity of French Press

- Durable, portable and light

- Makes American coffee, espresso style or cold brew in about a minute

- No grit

- Quick cleanup

How Does The AeroPress Coffee Maker Work?

It'll only take you 3 easy steps to delicious coffee on the go!

1. Add coffee and water to your AeroPress Go

2. Stir the coffee and water together

3. Press the coffee into your mug


AeroPress Go

Package includes:

- AeroPress Go coffee maker
- Mug
- Lid
- Scoop
- Stirrer
- Filter Holder
- 350 Paper Filters


- Brewing Capacity: 237ml (8oz)
- Travel Mug Capacity: 444ml (15oz)
- Weight: 326g
- Dimensions: 12cm x 9cm x 10cm