We're back! Coffee machine needing a repair or service? Book in now!

We're Home!

It's no secret that it's been all go for ERS this year; moving workshops was an absolutely mammoth task (although we knew this going in, you can never quite prepare enough!). We're very relieved and grateful to be all set up in our new space now, and are really enjoying having the extra room to stretch our legs (and machines).



If you've been into the new workshop, you'll also have noticed we now have our own private parking, just for you guys (hooray!) - so no need to carry a machine down the road anymore, you can park your car right outside the door.

Our hours remain the same (8.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Thursday, 8.30am-4pm Fridays), and the workshop phone number is still 021 084 01134.

That's all from us for now! Don't forget to book in using the handy dandy Book In Now function at the top of the page if your machine is ready for a service.

Thanks for all your patience and support over the last few weeks as we've been shifting!

- Craig & the ERS team.